About FSCO

FSCO was established under the Financial Services Commission of Ontario Act, 1997 (FSCO Act) with a legislative mandate set out in the FSCO Act. 
FSCO's legislative mandate is to provide regulatory services that protect the public interest and enhance public confidence in the sectors it regulates.

FSCO regulates the insurance sector; pension plans; loan and trust companies; credit unions and caisses populaires; the mortgage brokering sector; co-operative corporations in Ontario; and service providers who invoice auto insurers for statutory accident benefits claims. FSCO is accountable to the Minister of Finance.

In order to support FSCO’s legislative mandate, the FSCO Act sets out a three-part structure for FSCO, which includes the Commission; the Superintendent of Financial Services and Staff; and the Financial Services Tribunal (Tribunal).

Statutes We Administer


Regulations We Administer


FSCO's Superintendent & Staff



Who We Regulate


As of June 30, 2016, FSCO regulated or registered:
  • 322 insurance companies
  • 7,038 pension plans
  • 102 credit unions and caisses populaires
  • 52 loan and trust corporations
  • 1,161 mortgage brokerages
  • 2,622 mortgage brokers
  • 4,424 accident benefit service providers
  • 10,265 mortgage agents
  • 162 mortgage administrators
  • 1,775 co-operative corporations
  • 52,322 insurance agents
  • 5,650 corporate insurance agencies
  • 1,317 insurance adjusters


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